About Current

Current is a video and sound installation by artists Mike Leisz and Hannah Mjølsnes.

The work uses video and sound recordings by Mjølsnes from a natural ice cave that emerged under a glacier. These are altered live through a code written by Leisz. The code causes the surface of the video to slowly melt and stretch out, as well as making the various shots to blend into eachother. The audio recordings of ice and streams of water is alternating between raw recordings and digital feedback sounds. Within the work new  visual and sonic shapes and constellations are continuosly created. 

The surface of the ice reveals massive forces at work, but in a time scale that is imperceptible to us. In the work the surface of the video mimics the constant transformation of the glacier,  bringing glacial time scale and behavior closer to our perceptual framework.

Current emerged from thinking about the site of Adressaparken as a public space and a site that is responsive to the environment. Various sensors installed in the park register information about the temperature and weather conditions in the surroundings and these are also employed to cause variations in image and sound.  The work creates an overlap between human space and time and natural and digital landscapes.

Mike Leisz and Hannah Mjølsnes, 2017